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I’m so pleased you have found my website. My name is Sharon and I am a Regenerative Health Expert.

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, burnt-out or exhausted then you are in the right place.

Life can bring us many ‘bumps in the road’ and sometimes the effects can be overwhelming. 

Illness, loss of job, loss of relationships, loss of home, bereavement, divorce etc can all add to the stress of simply modern day living in a post-pandemic world.

Some stress is healthy (believe it or not!) because it encourages us to be adaptable and dig deep to find our inner strengths, gifts and talents.

However prolonged unresolved stress is quite the opposite.

We can become overwhelmed, anxious and unable to find ways to adapt as we should.

Fear, worry, frustration, irritability, anger, low mood, fatigue, difficulty with sleep, lack of focus, lack of confidence, chronic unexplained physical issues which are not responding to medical care…..these are just some of the many issues dealing with prolonged or extreme adversity can leave us with. 

If you have been experiencing any of these and are looking for simple, safe and effective ways to get to the root of your problems, then please read on.

This website is dedicated to helping you access natural tools and resources to help you move through the effects of severe adversity and free yourself from the cycle of ‘Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn.’

This cycle has been identified in recent years as very primal safety mechanisms which us humans go into when we are faced with stressful, adverse or traumatic events.

There has been much emphasis on using the mind to help us move through this cycle, but up until now there has not been much focus on the physical effects, what I describe as ‘The Biology of Trauma’.

I work with people who have experienced the long term effects of stress and trauma, have tried practically everything and are almost on the verge of ‘giving up’.

People just like you who are looking for safe, simple and effective ways to restore their health.

I work with Flower Essences to support your emotional wellbeing and Jin Shin Jyutsu (A gentle somatic therapy from Japan) with which you learn how to clear stress, fatigue and disharmony from your body and come back to yourself. 

If more Spiritual support is needed then there is the option to work with an accelerated system called Diving Healing Master Keys. 

Our body’s capacity to regenerate is far more powerful than we have ever been taught, once we give it the right conditions.

I look forward to meeting you here online and helping you reclaim your vibrant health.

With Love


Ignite Session - The Energy Recovery Programme
Block of Six Flower Essence Sessions
Single Divine Healing Master Keys Session.
Jin Shin Jyutsu

You can find out more about my journey in natural health on my About Me page.

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