‘Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe’


This is a phrase which is very dear to my heart.

In our society we are not shown how we can care for our physical and emotional bodies during times of poor health.

Nor are we shown or how to deal with the accompanying mental and emotional stresses which accompany illness, which may include:

  • fear around loss of health
  • frustration at not being able to do things which were easy before
  • guilt at not being able to care for others (especially children or grand-children)
  • sadness at the loss of capacity, status or even relationships

These stresses can be very depleting on top of the other symptoms of poor health which may include:

  • pain
  • fatigue
  • disrupted sleep patterns
  • anxiety

I experienced all of these, and more, when I developed Adrenal Fatigue in 2012.

Adrenal Fatigue and Burnout is on the increase, a side effect of the stress of modern living. It is often the result of overwork, chronic stress or chronic infections. Or, as in my case, a combination of overwork and ‘trying too hard’ which was a cover – up for complex trauma.

Dealing with the brain fog was one of the most debilitating aspects of this time, as it prevented me from accessing the information I needed to recover. 

Prior to becoming ill I was an Anatomy & Physiology Lecturer, but at my most poorly I couldn’t do any research into becoming well, as I was just too tired… ! A real vicious circle.

It took the help and support of a very skilled Holistic  Practitioner trained in CFS and ME to help point me in the right direction. After working with him for several months I was able to get into an easy rhythm with daily Jin Jin Jyutsu holds (Japanes Self Help Acupressure… totally effortless to do but very sustaining to the body) and Flower Essences which I’d created several years earlier… but hadn’t fully understood the power of them until I needed them myself. 


                         Rocket Flower Essence – Clears the Mind.

By having an easy to follow daily practice of taking Essences and doing simple Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help exercises I have gone back to doing the work I love, teaching and coaching Natural Healing methods.

I am also physically able to go back to enjoying other things I love the most, visiting and entertaining loved ones, singing, dancing, travelling.

I’ve even been able to go camping..! 




When I look back to how I was in 2012, bedbound and thinking my life was over, I’m astonished at how powerfully my body has regenerated and healed, simply by giving it the right conditions.

As the saying goes ‘Your body’s ability to heal is far greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.’

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To Your Abundant Health 

Sharon x x x