About Earthsong Essences

‘Out of the darkness comes the light
Out of the light comes the sound
Out of the sound comes the singing
And the singing goes on forever’

From ‘Comes the Singing’ by Jules Gibb

In these times of rapid change, there is a rich source of wisdom we can align with to help us live healthy and joyful lives of Peace and Plenty.

This rich source of wisdom is Nature.

In the West, the voice of Nature has been greatly diminished in recent times. Many people are very distracted by the fast pace of society.
This has led to a collective ‘numbness’ ….as well as the escalation of many allergies and hard to treat diseases.

In fact, specialists who have studied many modern illnesses are now describing what they call ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’

For those with ears to hear, however, we know that the Earth’s voice is still very powerful, in fact She is singing.
It’s time for us to listen……
to her wisdom…… her rhythm…… her song…..


EarthSong Essences are a potent range of Flower, Gem & Environmental Essences which help us to listen to this ancient wisdom.
As we do so, we come back in tune with ourselves, each other, and The Earth.

They have been lovingly co-created with Nature and The Elementals. Each Essence captures a unique vibration, a message from the heart of Nature to your heart.
When we allow ourselves to access this energetic vibration, we come into harmony with our true nature – which is Love.

As we allow ourselves to receive these ‘Nature Transfusions’ we can:

  • Effortlessly release old patterns of conditioning.
  • Heal and release old traumas
  • Clear karmic patterns
  • Strengthen our intuition
  • Experience deeper levels of joy and relaxation-  Access more abundance in our lives and manifest our goals more easily
  • Strengthen our energetic boundaries so that we stay in alignment with our own individual essence.
  • Find it easier to accept and trust ourselves, and thus in turn, accept and trust each other.
  • Calm and clear the mind and access greater levels of Truth & Wisdom. Many of the EarthSong Essences have been made in urban and rural parts of Hampshire, The New Forest & Andalucia. They are the result of a co-creative partnership between Nature and Sharon Keenan, a former Archaeologist who is now a Community Healer/Singer/Peace Activist in Southampton, UK.

‘Harmony’ Combination – A natural way to bring yourself back into harmony during times of intense physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenge.

A blend of 7 Vibrational Essences, especially created to provide emotional support in a gentle and effective way. 

This formula is suitable for all ages and is helpful as  part of your support system to alleviate the following:

  • Shock
  • Panic Attacks
  • Acute or Chronic Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Grief
  • Hearing bad news, on a personal or global level
  • Before and after surgery
  • Dental treatment
  • Experiencing an unexpected change in circumstances
  • Intense challenges such as moving home, going through a divorce, uncertainty in the workplace, etc.

To use simply take 7 drop in a drink and sip slowly or place directly under the tongue.

‘Harmony’ may also be used externally, in a warm bath or added to your skincare products for extra nourishment. 


Red Poppy

Indicated for:
Fear, Panic, Terror, Despair, Overwhelm. Loss of sense of ‘self’
Healing Gift.
Brings great strength during times of adversity, challenge and crisis. Instills feelings of peace and connects us with the Essence of who we are. Grounding. Reassuring.


Indicated for: Weak energetic boundaries. 

Healing gift: Strengthens and protects the aura from negative influences. 


Wild Rocket

Indicated for:

Mental confusion, mental overwhelm, scattered thinking. Unfocused.

Healing gift.

The Essence of discernment. Helps bring you into the Here and Now. Grounds the brow chakra.

Barbed Wire Bush

Indicated for:

‘Self-sabotage’ patterns. Negative energy build up in the aura, often the result of other people’s projections onto us. Addictive behaviours.

Healing gift.

Detoxifies the aura and subtle bodies of stuck negative energy. Helps us get into the energetic ‘blind-spots’. Helps the release of chronic addictive patterns.