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Sharon Keenan.

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I am passionate about helping people recover from the effects of chronic stress and trauma, and adapt to life’s challenges, so they can go on to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Having worked as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Therapy Trainer for nearly 25 years, I have dived deep into the Mind/Body link to help my clients, and eventually learned to help myself through naturopathy.

My first Holistic Business, as an Aromatherapy and Reflexology Practitioner and Lecturer, was an amazingly rich journey into how closely the mind, emotions and body are linked.

During this intense 9 year period I discovered how fabulous I was at taking care of other people, but had no idea of how to take care of myself!

It took complete Burn-Out in 2005 to make me realise that I needed to ‘change the story’.


A journey through grief and loss

So, in October 2005 I said a fond farewell to my wonderful clients (after hand-picking 2 trusted Therapists to take over from me) and began the slow process of healing my inner wounds.

While on this inner healing journey, I then began walking a path of deep grief following the sudden death of my Sister Lily, in 2008 and my Brother, Ally, dying from Cancer in 2008 (both aged 48) Shortly after this my Soul Mate, Jake, died suddenly in 2011, and I was immediately made homeless by his employers.

The following year, after supporting another sibling through a life-threatening illness, I experienced my second Burn-Out, more extreme than the first, and ended up completely immobile and bed-bound.

Through this process, I have discovered a very deep awareness of how to allow the body to process and release long-held shock, trauma, and grief.

Since learning this, I have been able to access immense inner strength and resilience.

This discovery, alongside help from a specialist in ME/CFS has helped me to get my brain, heart and body working again.


My recovery from Adrenal Fatigue by Regenerating with Nature

Since healing myself from Adrenal Fatigue and Burn-Out, I am now focused on helping others learn how to heal their emotions, mind and body, naturally.

I do this through my online programs, group sessions, and one–to–one sessions.

My ‘Super-Power’ is in helping people align with the deep regenerative power of Nature, as a source of sustainable energy and a pathway to vibrant health.

I am the Founder of The Energy Recovery Programme, an online course that focuses on tools for inner resilience, and am a Co-Creator of the range of EarthSong Essences.

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