Beltane Birdsong Essence

A Celebration of Nature


                     A riot of Apple Blossom and Birdsong – SW France – May 1st 2018

One of the most exquisitely beautiful experiences of my life has been listening to an abundance of birds singing in the French Countryside.

I have been very ‘tuned in’ to birdsong for many years, and have a deep love and appreciation of it.

I have a lovely story to share of how the birds of Andalucia helped me learn Spanish while I was living in a tiny village there, but that’s for another time…

On Beltane 2018 I had the privilege of care-taking a beautiful old French Manor House in the middle of the Bordeaux countryside.

The area is full of many different birds… a bird spotters paradise.

On the dawn of Beltane morning the energy and the birdsong was extra-ordinary…. a massive celebration of Nature at the height of Her powers.

I was ‘called’ to make an Essence from this moment in time… which I did…. an environmental Essence called simply ‘Beltane Birdsong’

Today is the day it has been asked to be birthed into the World.

This is a beautiful Essence to take to help one re-connect to the inherent wisdom of Nature we have all evolved with.

It is used in a spray, to help our outer senses ‘Remember’ this energy.