Deep Adaptation

By Sharon

Using Vibrational Essences For Support When The Clocks Change

So…. we are approaching that time of year when the clocks go back.

For many, this can be a time of real struggle… as the shorter days and longer nights literally come in with a ‘bump’.

Rather than having a gradual shift… which is easier for our bodies to adapt to… here in the UK, we will wake up next Sunday morning (October 25th) having ‘gained’ a whole hour.

In this video co-created with the lovely ladies from Magenta Events, I share the 3 Essences which are helping people the most with Deep Adaptation at this time… including coping with the ‘Collective Jetlag’ we all go through at this time of year.

To watch the video click here:

In this 40-minute chat, I share how the Mushroom and Mistletoe Essences were made… along with how their particular properties ….and Lichen’s… can help us at this very challenging time.

To help make it easier for you to experience the benefits of these remarkable Essences, I am shipping them POSTAGE FREE in the UK and to Ireland from now until Midnight on November 1sr.

To order some for yourself or a loved one, please click here.

To learn more about Magenta Events, and how they are helping bring positivity and hope to those wishing to learn more about Complementary Therapies at this time, click here:

First and foremost…. be gentle with yourself at this time.

Our society has taught us that we have to be ‘on the go’ all year around… regardless of what the light levels are doing…..

To adapt to the change of seasons is not just logical…. it’s biological….

If you feel an urge to rest…. don’t deny it…. give yourself permission to rest.

I keep hearing a phrase from ‘The Wayseer’s Manifesto’ whenever I tune into the message that there is something ‘wrong’ with us when we feel the need to slow down in the winter time.

The phrase is ‘It’s society’s way of denying its own illness, by pointing the finger at you’.

Take care… slow down…. be kind to yourself.

With Much Love

Sharon x x x


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