‘Deep Strength’ – The Essence of Emotional Resilience

Red Poppy Essence – Brings Feelings of Profound Security. One of the 7 Essences in ‘Deep Strength’

In these days of intense challenge, we need to take care of our Emotional Wellbeing, as much as our Physical Wellbeing.

‘Deep Strength’ is a Combination of 7 EarthSong Essences, carefully chosen to help deal with the effects of overwhelm, shock, despair, grief, etc,

By give ourselves permission to take care of these feelings, we resource ourselves in a very deep way. We can then become more present for ourselves, our loved ones and everyone else we care for.

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In addition to Red Poppy Essence, which brings a deep feeling of calm to the total being, there are also the Essences of:

  Jade – For simplicity. Helps us let go of overwhelm    





Nettle – To help us tap into a deep well of inner resilience


Yarrow – For strengthening our energetic boundaries.


Mistletoe – To bring strength through connectivity.


Red Reishi Mushroom – To help raise the vibration of the Heart Energy so much only Love can live there.


Lichen – For letting go on the deepest level. Helps bring us into a space of acceptance… of ourselves… each other … and what is.


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‘Deep Strength’ is also available in an easy to use spray with beautiful Essential Oil of Neroli (Orange Blossom). To order click below. This price includes First Class Post in the Uk and Ireland.


If you would like to discover other Non-Toxic, Sustainable and Planet Friendly ways to strengthen your Emotional Resilience at this time, please come and have a chat with me. Simply click here to access my on-line diary.