Divine Healing Master Keys

The Divine Healing Master Keys is a channelled method of healing, based on the Spiritual Law ‘ask and you shall receive’. It enables the quick and effective identification and clearing of core patterns and thus frees your Life Force for greater health, connection and well-being.

It accesses and clears: – Your soul records and soul programmes – Inherited ancestral patternings – Unresolved past life issues – Hidden ego agendas, sabotages and conflicts – Blocked energy in the subtle bodies and chakras – Fear programmes – Interference energies – Genetically encoded imprints – Judgements and negative beliefs – Shock and trauma

It also helps with: – Encoding of healing essences, colours and crystals – Balancing your body’s nutrition and biochemistry – Harmonising and alignment of your energy bodies and chakras This is an accelerated healing system. To buy an individual Session (1.5 hours) click below.


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If you feel that you need support over an extended time you can book a block of six sessions and save £80.

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