Dreaming in a New World

This Essence was co-created with Nature, The Elementals and a group of wonderful female healers  while on retreat in South West France in February 2018. 

It heralds a new way of Being, one based on co-operation, Love and Trust.


“May Love flow through all of our thoughts, words and actions as we build our New Earth together.

May the Language of the Heart be the Common Language for all Beings and Joy be the New Currency”

If you are longing to build a new life for yourself and your loved ones, then you can use this beautiful Vibrational Essence as a transformational tool to amplify the Miracle Frequency


I am offering bottles of this Essence for sale under my EarthSong Essences label.

To order the Essence in ready to take drops (£20 incl. P&P in UK & Ireland) please click here:



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You can use this Vibrational Essence to support your Hearts Desires.

To use, get very clear on your intention and then add a few drops to water and sip slowly…. or use the spray to mist around you and your space as guided.

I hope you enjoy using it and inviting Love and Miracles into your life.

If you would like to know more about this Essence, and other Natural, Planet-Friendly ways you can help yourself live a happier life, please book in for a chat with me by clicking this link.