EarthLight System : Reconnecting you to the Rhythm of Life.

Welcome to a unique 3 part system of Vibrational Essences to help you feel more calm, clear and connected.

The EarthLight System consists of the following:

Night Time Essence – This helps you relax and re-set your Circadian Rhythm. You take 3 drops at night, either in water or directly under the tongue. It is made from Mushroom Essence (parasol ) which helps to absorb fear.

Day Time Essence – This helps you to feel more energised and connect with natural daylight. You take 3 drops in the daytime, either in water or directly under the tongue. It is made from Mistletoe Essence (Viscum album) which helps you feel more energised as it aids the release of toxic imprints, at whatever level they reside, from the total being.

Lichen Essence – You use anytime. This contains Lichen Essence (latin name) which helps us to deeply let go of whatver is standing in the way of us and our own Light. It helps clear ancient ancestral pattens and brings with it Deep Acceptance. It has been formulated into a spray with a few drops of special Sage Oil for extra cleansing. (If you would prefer this spray without Sage Oil, please let me know by emailing me at sharon.essence@gmail.com)

The benefits of working with this system include:

  • Reduction in fear
  • More alignment with Cosmic and Earthly Rhythms.
  • More energy in the day
  • Able to feel deeply relaxed
  • Able to let go of repetitive thoughts
  • Able to let go of feelings of bitterness and resentment
  • Improved sleep patten
  • More grounded
  • More connected and loving to others
  • A stronger sense of Self
  • More confidence

Please note – this system includes the Vibrational Essences of Mushroom, Mistletoe & Lichen, not the herbal constituents.

There are currently 2 ways to pay:

A trial 2 month kit for the introductory price of £60

Set up a repeat order to be sent every 2 months for the introductory price of £50

You can unsubscribe at any time.

Special Season

Putting People and Planet First.

5% of all profits from the sale of the EarthLight System between August 1st and October 31st will be shared equally between the following organisations.

Mistletoe Therapy – Providing integrative cancer treatments to people in the UK using Mistletoe https://www.mistletoetherapy.org.uk/

Wilderness Committee – Protecting Mushrooms and their habitats in the Old Growth Forest, BC


Plantlife Wales – A charity which amongst other projects runs ‘Cennad’ The Lichen Apprenticeship Scheme


The Woodland Trust – a long established charity who work to protect ancient woodlands in the UK


Stop HS2 – Support for campaigners who are protecting ancient woodlands in the UK from the HS2 project.


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