Energy For Life

Are you struggling with energy just now.? Do you wake up in the mornings with a feeling of dread, knowing that you’re going to have  hard time getting through the day…? Do you keep forgetting important information and find that you feel anxious, weepy, irritable and empty..?

Living with fatigue is very hard going.



Not only is it physically tough, but its emotionally and mentally depleting  too. People commonly feel high levels of frustration at not being able to achieve what they used to be so capable of doing.

The mental overwhelm is also tough to cope with, and for many feelings of isolation and guilt are common as well.

Having experienced burnout (twice!) I can identify with all of the above. Not having the energy to spend time with loved ones was the worst aspect for me, and the guilt and fear which went alongside that was hard to bear too.

At my most depleted I was unable to get out of bed, and when I could I barely had the energy to get back in again. For me the cause was chronic stress and then overwork as I tried to ‘prove myself’ which led to my first experience in 2005 and then multiple losses of loved ones led to my second in 2012. For many of my clients these are common roots, along with surgery or overuse of antibiotics.

What caused me the most stress around that time was not being able to find a way to recover. Even with my background as an Anatomy & Physiology Lecturer and Natural Health Researcher, I couldn’t find anything which helped me regain my energy. Although there was quite a bit of information on the internet, in my depleted state I couldn’t look at  a computer screen for any length of time, and most of what was there was, as I later discovered, based on an ‘old paradigm’ model of health and healing.  

What my body needed was to be supported as lovingly and naturally as possible, using methods which honoured me and Nature, not in competition with it. 

Through the skilful help of a Complementary Health Practitioner, a ‘Re-Membering’ of the ancient healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu (Physio-Philosophy) and them the co-creation of some new Vibrational Essences, I recovered my energy.

Now I am able to do all the things I love, socialise, dance, sing, tell bad jokes, run my healing business, travel and plan a happy and fulfilling future. 

If you would like to take Sovereignty of your health then give yourself the gift of an ‘Energy for Life’ Session.

This Half-Day VIP Mini Retreat is online so can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

In this 3 hour One-to-One ‘Energy for Life’ Coaching Session with me, you will discover

  • An effortless Self Healing Method to clear shock, stress and trauma from your cells.  
  • How to reset your nervous system to joy.
  • How to repair your immune system naturally.
  • Simple ways to reconnect with Nature and Her Rhythms as  Wellspring of deep nourishment.
  • Ways to reduce your EMF overload
  • A series of daily energy raising rituals to fill up your energy banks to abundance levels.
  • You will also receive an individually made Vibration Essence to help continue your healing journey long after your session. 

To book your ‘Energy for Life’ Mini-Retreat with me at the special autumn price of £249  please click here:


To Your Abundant Health

Sharon x x x


Sharon Keenan

Founder of the Energy Recovery Programme