Flower Essence Sessions

Flower & Other Essences.

Flower Essences are now more widely used than ever to help support Emotional & Mental Health & Wellbeing.

This is mainly because they offer a unique form of Self-Empowerment which other methods can’t reach.

Their production & use can be traced back many thousands of years. 

They are safe, non-toxic, non-habit forming and are suitable for all ages.

Here in the UK, we can look to the pioneering Essences of Dr. Edward Bach, a physician & surgeon whose research in the 1930’s into the true essence of healing resulted in the production of 38 Flower Essences and the world famous ‘Bach Rescue Remedy’.  


Special ‘Deep Strength’ 6 Month Essence Support System available for a limited time.

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What are Flower Essences?  Flower essences are a form of vibrational medicine. They work by offering a harmonious vibrational frequency to the physical & subtle anatomy of the body. The body’s response is to move towards that harmony, correcting any imbalances on the way.

Since the early work of Dr. Bach many other people around the world have been successfully creating ranges of Flower & Other Essences.                                                                                                                

Some of these come from the most remote and unpolluted parts of the planet.
The effect of taking essences which have come from pristine plant life is that it floods the whole being with a very high level of elemental purity.

This elemental purity is ‘information’ the body can understand….and for those of us who live in busy, polluted environments this has a profoundly strengthening effect on our Mental & Emotional Wellbeing.

 One of the benefits of taking such energetic medicine is that we are not contributing to the destruction of indigenous plant life (which other, more aggressive forms of medicine can do).

Increasing numbers of people are turning to Flower Essences to help:

– reduce feelings of anxiety and depression

– help overcome fears and phobias

– clear addictive behaviours

– cope with grief

– promote confidence and eradicate feelings of low self-esteem and low self-worth

– promote trust in self

– enhance creativity and intuition

What happens during a Flower Essence Consultation?

A Flower Essence Consultation is a highly accurate method of assessing which is the most efficient form of energetic support needed for you at this time.

You are invited to complete a detailed Health Questionnaire, which forms the basis for the consultation.

A diagnostic tool known as dowsing is then used to pinpoint which essences are most strongly indicated for you.
There are currently over 500 essences within the Practice which we select from, including:

– Bach Flower Essences (Healing Herbs)

– Australian Bush Flower Essences

– Alaskan Flower, Gem & Environmental Essences

– Indigo Essences

– EarthSong Essences

– Perelandra Garden Essences

Once your individual essences are selected, they are placed in a dosage bottle for you, with guidance on how best to take them. For some people, this may best used internally, or they may be be applied topically, in a cream or lotion, (Paraben & SLS free) or in a spray.

Each individual session lasts 1 hour and includes your Essence posted to you.


Most people find a course of Flower Essence Sessions works best to help resolve deeper issues and open up to more health and happiness.

Special ‘Deep Strength’ 6 Month Essence Support System available for a limited time. 

Save £105.   



Working with Essences over a period of time, for example 6 months, can be life changing 

I have experienced the profound effects of Flower & Other Essences myself over the last 25 years, as well as seeing how they have helped hundreds of others in my Flower Essence Practice.

If you would like to see how Essences can bring more health, peace, joy and abundance to you and your life, come and chat with me in one of my free ‘Energy for Life’ Sessions.

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I came to Sharon following a period of near burn-out at work. I had been running on empty for a long time & felt I had lost my direction and belief.
Investment in my sessions with Sharon has been worth every penny! I nearly didn’t work with her because I wasn’t sure I could afford it financially, but I knew I had to do something to look after my emotional, mental & spiritual health, so I listened to the small voice within that prompted me to take Sharon up on one of her offers to receive a block of  3 sessions at a special price.
It was very convenient to have the appointments online & she made that whole process really easy. Once the course of sessions finished, I signed up for more, as they were really helping me to shift the stuff that was keeping me stuck. 
To invest in myself in this way has been an incredible blessing. I look forward to the hour every month or so that I have with Sharon. She works with great tenderness, conviction and humour to help me reconnect with my sense of self. The flower remedies she works with, many of which she makes herself, are gentle but oh-so-powerful. I am walking with much more confidence into the life that the sessions & the remedies have helped me to create. 
Sharon really knows her stuff, and shares it with an immense generosity of heart. 
Laura, Dorset, UK.