Grape Hyacinth Essence – ‘Like wearing Spiritual Ear Defenders.’

This beautiful Essence was made on a beautiful sunny, but very noisy day, in East Park in the centre of Southampton.

It has a very interesting energetic signature, in that it helps those of us who are very sensitive to sound, cope with the stress of sensory overload that modern life is full of.

While the Essence was being made, it felt as if the volume on all of the external jaggedy noises were being ‘turned down’, resulting in a feeling of deep inner peace and calm.

To hear a little more about the properties of Grape Hyacinth, please click the link below to watch a short (under 3 minutes) video.

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I hope you have enjoyed learning about this beautiful Essence and if you feel called to try some, I’d love to know how you get on.

You can email me at sharon.essence@gmail.com.

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