Mistletoe Gifts – 2021

European Mistletoe – Viscum album

Come and join this 5 day journey into the wonderful world of Mistletoe.

Discover how much more there is to this magical plant than kisses and wine!

In this exploration you will discover:

  • The biology, traditions and uses of Mistletoe
  • The physical properties
  • The energetic properties of the EarthSong Mistletoe Essence, including your capacity to embody Light.

You will receive:

  • 5 daily emails to help deepen your own experience of Mistletoe
  • An exploration of the role of Mistletoe Essence in Forgiveness
  • Access to a private 5 ‘pop-up’ Facebook Group to share your experience with others
  • A ‘Mistletoe Meditation’ on the Full Moon
  • The opportunity to purchase the Mistletoe Essence if you want to go deeper at a discounted price while on the journey.

If you already have the EarthSong Mistletoe Essence this 5 day journey is available for the generous price of £19.

If you want to do the Mistletoe Gifts Journey and would like to buy the EarthSong Mistletoe Essence with 20% discount then it is available for just £36 (includes £5 postage. UK & Ireland only)