Nettle Essence – An Energetic Adaptogen for the Electrical Age

Just before Mid-Summer in 2013 I had the rare privilege of going to a secluded patch of land in Deepest Hampshire, to make Flower Essences.

What was particularly special about this land is that, after years of being used as a municipal dump, the final resting ground of local folk’s unwanted mattresses, tape cassettes and electrical goods including fridges., it had been left to Nature.

Back in the day the dangers of gases like radon leaking out of fridges wasn’t known or considered. As a consequence this land is now contaminated by these wastes, and is unfit for any type of buildings to be built on it.

As a result of that, for many years after it has been abandoned, it is now leased to the Hampshire Beekeepers for a peppercorn rent, so that they can keep hives on it.

In essence it is a Bee Sanctuary.

For years and years there have been no humans (apart from the occasional Beekeeper checking on their hives) and i as a result there are lots of wild native plants growing on the site, including the occasional rare orchid and Nettles.

Lots and Lots of Nettles…!

So, on the fine sunny day of June 19th 2013 I donned a beesuit borrowed from my friend Dave, a Beekeeper, and off we went to make a Nettle Essence.

Me in Bee Sanctuary making the Nettle Essence – June 2013

As it turned out, not a single bee took the slightest notice of me, but the protective suit was essential as the Nettles were over 6 feet high in places, with very big fiery stings.

While the Nettle Essence was being co-create, a message I received loud and clear from it was ‘I take the sting out of Wi-Fi’


That took me by surprise. But after allowing my investigative part of my brain to step in… I understood.

For anyone, myself included. who is aware of the effects of exposure to Wi-Fi and other synthetic electro-magnetic frequencies, the sensation can feel like being ‘fried’. In fact, some people use the term ‘Why Fry?’.

So, in the realm of ‘like curing like’ the energy of the Stinging Nettle may help alleviate the heat/stinging effects of Wi-Fi and other EMF exposure.

At this time I don’t have any scientific backing to support this. I would love to, so if you are in a position to support this, please get in touch. But I do have the feedback from those who have used the Nettle Essence, and will add these to this page, so please keep an eye here for updates.

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If you have any specific questions about this Essences, or would like to explore in more depth how Essences or Essential Oils can support you in your life at this time, please come and have a chat.

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