Mushroom, Mistletoe & Lichen – The Gift of Deep Adaptation

In these days of great challenge, it is probable more important than ever to lean into the support of Nature to refresh and renew our systems.

Of all the many 100’s of Essences I have discovered, taken and shared, there are a handful which are being sent out almost daily from my tiny factory here on the edge of the New Forest, Hampshire.

These are the trio of Mushroom. Mistletoe & Lichen



Mushroom, Mistletoe and Lichen

This trio of Plant Essences helps us to connect much more deeply with Nature, especially with the natural light rhythms.

Mushroom Essence is a wonderful support for deeply relaxing the system, allowing sleep to happen more naturally. It has a special relationship with the dark, so for best results, make a note of when sunset occurs and take this afterwards.

This has a profoundly relaxing effect on our sleep cycle.


Mistletoe Essence helps to clear negative emotions from the heart space. It helps us let go of feelings of bitterness and resentment. When we let go of these old wounds, we find it so much easier to connect with others. Try it for yourself… see what happens..! This Essence works beautifully when taken along side Mushroom, especially when taken after sunrise.


Lichen Essence is a powerful support to let go of the deepest of our emotional wounds. The deepest hurts, the worst betrayals can have  a devastating effect on our capacity to give and receive love. Lichen helps to clear away even the most deeply held of these wounds, and help us move into a place of Deep Acceptance.

Lichen Essence is wonderful to use in a personal spray, anytime of the day or night, to help gently clear the emotional body. It is also excellent when used as a Room Spray, especially when used in combination with Mushroom and Mistletoe.

 This Spray is now available with Sage Essential Oil for an extra feeling of cleansing.