Deep Strength Combination


This Combination Essence has been created to help transmute the effects of emotional trauma which the body is still holding onto.


It contains a range of EarthSong Essences to help restore emotional harmony during, and after, times of crisis.
Red Poppy -The Essence of Profound Security. Helps us transmute the emotions of fear and terror and ease feelings of overwhelm and panic. Brings a feeling of security, inner courage and re-connection to a sense of ‘Self’ and therefore a felt sense of safety,
Stone Circle – Puts a forcefield of energetic protection into the energy field. Grounding and protective.
White Chestnut – Calms down mental chatter so that we have a clear mind. Very helpful to help break the cycle of repetitive thoughts.
Grape Hyacinth  – Helps to filter out harsh noise, both physical and energetic. This essence acts like a pair of ‘Spiritual Ear Defenders’ filtering out harsh and toxic beliefs which can drown out the sound of hearing one’s own inner voice.
Spanish Broom – Helps move anger through the appropriate meridians. Clears mental confusion, irritability and resentment.
Mistletoe – This essence helps remove toxic imprints, from whichever level they reside, and replaces them with Love and Light. It helps remove bitterness from the heart and promotes connectivity, with oneself and others.
Copper in Moonlight – Supports the movement of energy flowing through the body.
Jade – Brings Simplicity and Peace
This Combination Essence is best taken 7 drops as required, either placed directly under the tongue, or placed in water and sipped slowly.


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