Red Poppy Essence


Red Poppy Essence

One of the most satisfying areas of my work is helping people heal from inter-generational trauma.

This is trauma that is carried down through the generations, often many generations back.

Interestingly one of the Flower Essences which comes up most often during this work is the beautiful Red Poppy.

Many years ago this Essence was made from the Red Poppies which were growing in a very peaceful olive grove outside of the village I lived in, in Andalucia.

What can Red Poppy Essence help with?

it is indicated for Fear, terror, panic, overwhelm, loss of ‘Self’ and brings Peace, comfort, security, relaxation, courage, connection to Essence of Self.

This Essence was made in an olive grove outside a small village in a remote part of Andalucia.

The early indications of this Essence were that it was very calming, relaxing and grounding.

It was found to be highly beneficial to help ease cramps and improve circulation, especially in the feet, legs and for some people, the hands.

Red Poppy helps us to re-connect to the eternal part of us and when we are in this place of remembering who we are, we feel no pain on any level, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

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