‘Radiance’ – High Vibration Skin Oil

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Red Rose Flower Essence

A deeply nourishing and luxurious skin oil which contains Rose Essential Oil with Red Rose Flower Essence and Rose Quartz Gem Elixir in Organic Camellia Oil.

This beautiful blend of high quality plant oils and Vibrational Essences is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, dry and mature skins.

Camellia Oil is highly prized in the natural beauty world as it is high in Essential Fatty Acids, is instantly absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling soft and emollient.

Rose Essential Oil is ‘The Queen’ of all Essential Oils and has an exquisitely floral yet deep aroma. Highly prized by Aromatherapists for it’s calming effect on the nervous system, it has a very rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Red Rose Flower Essence has a beautiful energetic signature. Her message is ‘I will help you Create a New Foundation built on Love’.

Rose Quartz Gem Elixir has a profound effect on the Heart Chakra – helping us open up to more Compassion, including Compassion for Self.

Radiance Skin Oil makes a beautiful addition to your natural skin care routine. Simply place a few drops onto clean hands and massage gently in. This can be used as a deeply rehydrating night oil for facial care, as a skin serum as well as for hair care and nail care.

This can also be used as a beautiful and effective skin cleanser.

To use as a Cleanser

Simply apply add a few drops of oil oil to your skin. Moisten a muslin cloth with warm water and use this to gently remove make-up, etc,. Then apply a few drops of this precious oil back on your skin and that’s it!

This simple, Earth Friendly skin oil is a beautiful way to cleanse and nourish your skin, while respecting it’s integrity and natural microbiome.

‘Radiance’ High Vibration Skin Oil is Vegan friendly and is handmade in small batches by myself, Sharon Keenan, a Professional Aromatherapist with over 35 years experience of working with Pure Essential Oils.

It is the most exquisite gift from Nature.

Radiance High Vibration Skin Oil – 30ml